At Family Medicine, we believe that good health and good care are the result of patients and physicians working together.

FMA is a certified Patient Center Medical Home where patients deserve quality care and a personal relationship with their health care provider.

FMA's status as a PCMH means we have succeeded in providing this level of care. We take your family's health to heart! To learn more about FMA's status as a PCMH, click here.
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Welcome to Dr. Choi!
Mike Choi
Dr. Mike Choi

Dr. Mike Choi was born in Seoul, South Korea.  His family immigrated to the US when he was five.  They lived briefly in several states before settling down in New Jersey.  After graduating from high school, he made his way to Ithaca for the first time to attend Cornell University.   After graduating from Cornell he stayed in Ithaca for a year to work as a daycare instructor for BOCES.   He always enjoyed his time in Ithaca, and felt somehow he would be back.

Dr. Choi returned to New Jersey where he attended Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  He had planned to be a pediatrician, but after his rotations he soon realized that he liked seeing patients of all ages with all their various issues.   He switched his focus to family practice and went on to Mountainside Hospital in Montclair, NJ for their family practice program.  After graduation he spent some time in Maine before moving to Wisconsin to work as a doctor for a small farm town of 2500 people.  It was an interesting, but rewarding experience and after 3 years he decided to move back to the east coast.  He and his wife Christine decided on Binghamton, returning to upstate New York.   He has worked for Lourdes Hospital for 10 years and his wife has been a teacher and educator in Endicott for the past 10 years.  When the opportunity to return to Ithaca was presented to him, he felt as if the his journey has come full circle and decided to join FMA.

Dr Choi has been an avid computer gamer since his teens when he was playing his first games on an Apple IIc.  He also enjoys science fiction and enjoys music of all forms especially country music.  He and his wife enjoy traveling and look forward to becoming a part of the Ithaca community.
Dr. Mike Choi
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Update:  Health Care Reform

NYS Exchange Plans for Individuals and Small Groups

Family Medicine participates with both Excellus and MVP exchange plans.  These are the only two plans that consider Family Medicine Associates in-network.  Out-of-network benefits do not exist for exchange product plans.
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